The Welfare Poets

Activism Through Art

The use of music and poetry as a means to express a person's feelings about human rights has been around for decades. Often known as protest songs, they are used to gather momentum in a group of people who perhaps consider themselves activists. They may be seeking a cultural or political change in human rights, and by stating demands in the form of poetry or music, it gets their point across but in a less threatening manner. An example this may be seen in the song Standing in the Way of Control, by Gossip, which was a protest against human rights when it comes to marriage.

Writing Poetry for the First Time

22 Sep 2020

Writing poetry is one of the most enjoyable activities for those who have never tried it before. However, it requires patience and practice to be able to create a poem worthy of praise. Reading and looking at how poetry is created is an excellent way to learn more about the subject.

The Beat Generation Poets

30 Aug 2020

Allen Ginsberg was an American poet from the Beat Generation who was controversial because of his works dealing with contested political issues including the Vietnam War, gay rights, free speech and drugs. Many of his poems were banned because of their controversy. Ginsberg was a complex personality with a broad range of interests.

Art in 2020

22 Apr 2020

If we fast forward a couple of hundred years, we see how much art has evolved through time and history. As the world of art continues to grow, we are seeing new forms of art every day. This past year we have seen art really challenged in the United States as a few states have legalized online gambling, unleashing an entirely new art form into the country.

A new kind of art

With online casinos legal in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, game providers are trying to design and release the next best online game. Online slots, for example, are all about the graphics and design behind it. Without a proper theme, bright colors, and fun animation, any online game is doomed. You can head over to and pick an online casino to see what I mean. 

So how does this tie in with art? It’s all an example of the new forms of art we’re seeing throughout the generations. In the early to late 1900s, you never would have thought to hear about anything online being considered an “art”. It’s clear how the internet has taken over our world for the last decade and everything has been affected, to the point that unless you’re going to a museum, most art you see is found on the internet.


Why Young People Should Learn Poetry

3 Apr 2020

For young people reading their first poems, it is often their initial observation of self-expression beyond their regular reading material. Young people can learn new ways to use language. Interesting concepts such as rhythm, rhyme and metaphors can all be learned from a poem.